GRAFFITI SUITE / Norbert Stein Pata Music played by NDR Bigband (Pata 18)

GRAFFITI SUITE / Norbert Stein Pata Music played by NDR Bigband (Pata 18)

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"... one of the most dynamic radio bigbands with the powerful and expressive realisation of the graphic Pata-composition for improvising orchestra." An adventure in music for large ensemble: "Graffiti Suite"

Thorsten Benkenstein - trumpet
Ingolf Burkhardt - trumpet
Claus Stoetter - trumpet
Michael Leuschner - trumpet
Philipp Kacza - trumpet
Fiete Felsch - alto saxophone, clarinet, recorder
Peter Bolte - alto saxophone, clarinet, flute
Christoph Lauer - tenor saxophone, flute
Lutz Buechner - tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute
Frank Delle - bariton saxophon, bassclarinet, flute
Markus Steinhauser - tenor saxophone
Gabriel Coburger - tenor saxophone
Dan Gottshall - trombone
Sebastian Hoffmann - trombone
Stefan Lottermann - trombone
Ingo Lahme - bass trombone, tuba
Christophe Schweizer - trombone
Stephan Diez - guitar
Lucas Lindholm - double bass
Vladyslav Sendecki - piano
Marcio Doctor - percussion
Mark Nauseef - drums

CD1 tracks: Franz Pataeng (Part I to IV) - U.B.U. ( - Musik in 7 Haeusern (Music in 7 houses) (First to Seventh house)
CD2 tracks: Der Vogelschwarm (Flocking birds) (The mountain/Purgatory of vowels/Birds´ flight) - Hot spots, Tai Chi & More (Global positions/Machine people/Zigzag Aethernitas)