NORBERT STEIN PATA GENERATORS "code carnival" (Pata 17)

NORBERT STEIN PATA GENERATORS "code carnival" (Pata 17)

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"... Stein lays out precious stones for his players to cut and shape at will. In doing so, they create a multi-faceted musical gem sparkling with the jazzy, classical and improvised elements of the European music tradition."

Norbert Stein - tenor saxophone, composition
Michael Heupel - flutes
Thomas Heberer - trumpet
Frank Gratkowski - clarinet
Matthias Muche - trombone
Christopher Dell - vibraphone
Achim Tang - double bass
Klaus Mages - drums

Tracks: Code carnival - Raga vom einfachen Leben (Raga of an ordinary life) - Bersten in rot (Bursting in red) - Liquid bird - Monks - Frozen Kakadu - Sing a pure song - Sterntagebücher (Star diaries) - Ballade von Zounds! und Pox! (Ballad of Zounds! and Pox!) - Just brave in a brain