NORBERT STEIN PATA GENERATORS "direct speech" (Pata 19)

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"... PATA GENERATORS combines the wealth of colours and the density of a large band arrangements with the intimate expressiveness of a chamber music ensemble. Imaginative and powerfully rhythmic Pata compositions carve spaces for expressive soloists ..."

Norbert Stein - tenor saxophone, composition
Michael Heupel - flutes
Matthias Muche - trombone
Sebastian Gramss - double bass
Christoph Haberer - drums

Tracks: Chameleon Nature - Music for Stand-alone Player - For: Get it! - Die Tochter des Papstes (The Daughter of the Pope) - Die Zen Gebote (The Zen Commandments) - Daily Life - No Bird beyond the Cage - Les Yeux de l´Oiseau de la Guerre (The Eyes of the Bird of War) - Direct Speech - Alice in der parallelen Welt (Alice in the Parallel World) - Borderline