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  • Infrapolation (addition below the main interval)
  • Interpolation (addition within the main interval)
  • Ultrapolation (addition of a tone above the main interval)

The saxophone is full of intervals, components of each melody. In 3 volumes with a total of 325 exercises, the PATA WORKBOOK offers a thorough way to master comprehensive interval connections and the development of a superior saxophone technique over the entire tone range of the instrument:


  • Technical fluency
  • Steady intonation over the entire saxophone register
  • Reinforcement of internal interval ideas
  • Development of contemporary tone lines
  • Development of modern soundscapes
  • Development of a personal tone language through creative design of the tone sequences

Over three volumes, a total of 325 exercises systematically unfold series of tones in the tonal and atonal range. The individual exercises are formed from the combination possibilities of the intervals within the octave range (small second to major seventh) with progression possibilities within the space of the fifth (major second to fifth in alternating directions).

The study of the workbook promotes the instrumental fluency and trains the imagination of motivic sequencing as well as the steady handling of the melodic tensions within the intervals. The exercises are open to the use of different articulation possibilities and free melodic design (portato, legato, staccato, grouping, rhythm, etc.).

70 pages, spiral bound

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